Writing and Editing

Experienced and engaging writing, editing, proofreading and publication management

Intuitive Readings

Spirit-led intuitive energy readings with channeled guidance using oracle cards

Personal Coaching

Personal, spiritual and relationship coaching using certified methods combined with an intuitive approach

India is a gifted writer and a smart editor, and I have frequently sought her advice on any number of projects and issues. When I needed an editor for my novels, India was the person I went to. She is conscientious and thorough and always beats a deadline. But her abilities go far beyond just producing quality work in a timely manner. Her enthusiasm and energy are contagious, and she has a knack for finding creative solutions.

Rob P.

India helped clarify some confusion I have had about an important relationship, the most important being my relationship with self and Spirit.

Krista A.
India is a wonderful intuitive. She can assist in gaining clarity and manifesting your greatest and highest good. My session with her helped me heal my self-worth issues and to love myself unconditionally. I am so grateful for this connection.
Regina C.

India is personable, a very good writer, and very creative. She brought many talents and abilities to her work with us. She is also very organized and helped keep our project moving forward.

Jon M.

I kept thinking about India and a group reading I had watched. The more time passed the more guided I was toward watching the group reading again, which focused on our homes. Within the first minute, India talked about maybe it was her upbringing, but there are “a lot of great memories and things in our physical homes and not getting too tied to those walls.” The card she pulled was “Brilliant Idea”, which affirmed my decision not to pursue owning [my grandmother’s] home myself. After all, the memories are not within the walls but the people and memories made within them. Thank you, India for sharing your gift with all of us in an environment that we can later seek it out when we feel we need it most.

Jennifer G.

I just received a reading from India, and it was the most inspiring I’ve ever had. She was led to give the reading with the different kinds of cards in a certain order, including spiritual, energetic, what’s happening now in my world, what is coming in my future, and an archangel from whom to ask for support. It was truly an amazing experience!

Wanda D.

I want to thank India for an incredible reading. She is very, very gifted, and was on target with every single thing. I have been blessed by our time together and I highly, highly recommend her, with her beautiful intuitive gifts.

Debbie L.