Finding Your Divine Intuition: Experience vs. Explanation

Good Karma yoga teacher Ryan Loveeachother messaged me recently asking me to explain in intellectual, logical terms what it is that I do during intuitive readings – how it works, exactly. If the guidance and messages I receive for others are indeed accurate and applicable to their lives, how is this possible, he asked?

A couple of days ago, I did a reading for a woman who wanted to learn how to more clearly perceive her own divine intuition. How, she asked me, do I tell the difference between my own thoughts and spirit-led guidance?

It seems impossible to give a satisfactory answer to either of these questions, because our minds will only be satiated when the unknown is eliminated, and to understand the nature of perceiving divine guidance requires it to be embraced instead. It requires what is called in the world of literature a willing suspension of disbelief.

It’s also hard to answer them because there is so much about the divine that can’t be expressed with words. It demands to be experienced. There are tomes written on spiritual mysticism and the elements of existence that lie out of the reach of the five senses. But true understanding of divine energy and connection can come only from direct experience of it.

While there is much I am not able to put into words or the bounds of logic, what I can do is offer a few things that I’ve learned first hand can help pave the way to connect you with that direct experience of divine guidance on your own. The more you feel into this guidance, the clearer the distinction between it and your own mind activity will become.

Quiet your mind. It’s one of those things that sounds so incredibly easy and is in reality unbelievably challenging – even maddening – at first. The trick is to lean into what works for you. While meditation clicks for some, it can seem eternally out of reach for others. The key to unlocking your mind’s noise control panel will be unique to you. It could be music, time alone in nature, art, listening to guided meditations or self-hypnosis recordings (that was it for me) … there are countless ways to temporarily turn down the volume on the activity of the mind that can deflect and screen out messages to and from our souls, or our higher selves. Once the sound level is turned down on the mind and turned up on the spirit, the guidance will be heard more clearly.

Clear your blockages. As you venture further into this process of listening for guidance and asking for help, more and more of your own inner shadows will be brought into the light of awareness. As our innermost selves are illuminated through ever-increasing consciousness, the dark places within us where we’ve hidden our pain, fears, insecurities, anxieties, shame, etc. will become directly visible and more palpable. This is the point at which many decide that this “spiritual stuff” is not for them. The emotional and energetic clearing and purging of negativity can be unpleasant and uncomfortable, to put it very mildly. But the guides are standing by to help with that as well, and the clarity and expansion that comes after the processing of those things is well worth the pain.

Staying attuned to the guidance once you learn to feel and receive it is a consistent, daily practice. But just like with physical practices, such as exercise, the pleasure and reward of the work very quickly outweigh the attention and discipline required.

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Ask for guidance. Because of the gift of free will, spirit guidance can come in only when we specifically request it. While meditation is the practice of listening for messages from the divine, prayer is the act of talking to Spirit and to the guides who are there to help us. But they can only do so when we ask for that help and then open to receive it. The requests can be as specific as you need them to be, and you can ask for the signs and clarity and answers that you’re seeking. It helps tremendously to actually speak these requests for help out loud. Hearing your own voice speaking your feelings, fears, intentions, needs, and desires can help align your mind with your soul – a crucial part of the process of co-creating your life with the divine, the Universe, God, Spirit … any name you prefer. Even if you don’t fully experience the belief that this presence and your team of divine guides are there at first, the more you practice this two-way exchange with them, the more you will recognize and feel the guidance.


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